Health Support Services

Healthy Support WA is a NDIS registered service provider since 2020. We provide individuals with a disability, the elderly or seniors, and children with developmental delays the absolute best support within their homes and in the community where they belong to. Our caring and compassionate attitude combined with knowledge, experience and professionalism will help you achieve the satisfying and dignified life that you want.

Our Services

● Assist Personal Activities High
● Assist Travel/Transport
● Daily Tasks/Shared Living
● Development Life Skills
● Household Tasks
● Assist Prod-Household Tasks
● Participate Community
● Assist Personal Activities

Our main goal is to be able to empower and support individuals with a disability to gain back their confidence and be able to live independent and comfortable life. From supported independent living, daily household tasks, travel, and community participation, to personal care, our staff can provide your needed support 24/7.

Here at Healthy Support WA, we allow individuals to customise their plan to tailor-fit according to how they want it to be carried out. We allow them to decide and set limitations, to ensure that our staff will not hinder them in any way. Our support system is of high standards and guaranteed to deliver not just quality service but will surely exceed your expectations. We will also help you make the most of your NDI’S funding to gain access to support services to ensure you a better and more independent life.

Learn more about our services, or feel free to contact us for inquiries and other questions that you need to clarify.

It is our privilege to take care, assist and support individuals with disabilities and help them live a dignified, independent, and purposeful life. Having a disability is not the end of the world, there are people like us who are more than willing to help you see how beautiful life is.

“Supporting individuals in every aspect of their life.”